What Is a Doorbell Extender?

Do you have a wired doorbell you simply cannot hear in other rooms of your home? Or maybe your hearing has diminished and you are having problems hearing your door chime or door bell in other parts of your home. A doorbell extender or wireless doorbell extender will solve this problem for you.

Sometimes referred to as a wired doorbell extender, they extend the listening range of your EXISTING wired chime or wired doorbell, or other traditional doorbells through the use of a wireless door chime extender, transmitter, that will communicate with battery operated doorbells or plugin door chimes you place throughout your home or office.

This almost creates a doorbell remote by adding wireless door chime extenders in other rooms in your home by using wireless doorbell ringers, both plugin and battery operated versions, in other rooms of your home.

Which Door Chime Extender Do I Choose?

With different wireless doorbell extenders and door chime relay extenders to choose from, which one is best for me? Virtually all the models below operated the same way. The range or the chime extender, the type of receiver (plugin or battery), along with some other features such as chime volume control, flashing strobe light, and expandability are the main differences.

ModelRangeBest forFeatures
ERA-EXKIT4,000 ft.Commercial Applications, Large/Stucco/Brick HomesStrobe, volume control, expandable, plugin receiver
LRA-EX1000S1,000 ft.Medium HomesStrobe, expandable, plugin receiver
LRA-EX10001,000 ft.Medium HomesStrobe, expandable, plugin receiver
RC3500D150 ft.Smaller HomesExpandable, battery-operated receiver
RC3030D150 ft.Smaller HomesExpandable, plugin receiver

What Wireless Doorbell Extender Do We Recommend?

Our #1 Doorbell Extender is the ERA-EXKIT by Safeguard Supply. It features an easy-to-use plug-in receiver with volume control and strobe light, and a smaller transmitter. With a range of up to 4,000 ft., this product is guaranteed to work with your traditional, ding-dong wired doorbell. Click the link to the product page to watch a short video demonstrating the ERA-EXKIT Doorbell Extender.

  • ERA-EXKIT Extend The Range of Your Wired Doorbell up to 4,000 ft ERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime Receiver

    ERA-EXKIT Extend The Range of Your Wired Doorbell up to 4,000 ft.


    The ERA-EXKIT allows you to extend the listening range of a wired doorbell.  Hear your doorbell downstairs, in a back office, or a garage or warehouse. Wire a small wireless transmitter to your existing doorbell and pair the transmitter to the plugin receiver included in the kit. 

    When a visitor presses the wired doorbell button outside, your wired doorbell will chime as normal, and at the same time, the plugin wireless receiver(s) will also chime.  Add additional receivers throughout your home or office - basement, office, warehouse - and never miss a visitor or delivery again.  At a range of up to 4,000 ft., this system will work in any size home or business!

    Model: ERA-EXKIT
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  • LRA EX1000S Kit View 4 1 LRA EX1000S Top View 1

    LRA-EX1000S Doorbell Extender that Helps Hear the Wired Doorbell In Your Home


    Can't hear the doorbell in certain parts of the house?  Missing visits or deliveries when you're in the basement or back bedroom?  A doorbell extender allows you to add wireless chimes throughout your home that chime when your regular doorbell rings.  Connect a tiny transmitter to your hard-wired doorbell, choose a chime from 18 selectable songs, and plugin as many chime receivers as you need.  A quick and simple setup has this genius product up and running in minutes.

    Model: LRA-EX1000S
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  • LRA EX1000A Door Chime Extender Kit 1 LRA EXTX Extender Relay Kit Expanded 2

    LRA-EX1000 Kit to Help Hear Your Doorbell Throughout Your Home


    When you cannot hear your existing wired door chime in areas of your home, look to the LRA-EXTX for help.  This product wires into your existing doorbell system and transmits a wireless signal to the wireless LRA-DCRX receiver, which you can locate throughout your home.  This means you can now hear your doorbell in areas of your home where you could not before.  A powerful 1000 foot range outperforms all other extenders on the market today.

    Model: LRA-EX1000
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  • battery powered extend a chime rc3500d v 1 1 1

    Carlon RC3500D Battery Powered Extend-A-Chime Doorbell Extender


    The RC3500D allows you to extend the listening range of your existing doorbell and add battery-operated receivers through your home.  The portable, outdoor-rated receiver can be mounted to the wall or carried to other areas of your home.

  • plug in extend a bell 150 foot range rc3030d v 1 1

    Carlon Plug-In Extend-A-Door Chime w Compact Speaker


    Our Extend-A-Bell expands an existing wired doorbell to be heard in any part of the home.

  • rc3050t-doorbell-extender-carlon

    Safeguard Supply RC3050T Extend-A-Chime Door Chime Transmitter


    The Extend-A-Chime Transmitter connects to the low-voltage screws in the existing hardwired doorbell and sends the wireless transmission to the Extend-A-Chime receiver (sold separately.)

  • LRA EXTX Extender Transmitter 1 2 LRA EXTX relay transmitter 1 1 2

    LRA-EXTX Long Range Door Chime Extender


    This is a small transmitter you wire into your existing wired door chime.  When a visitor pushes the outside wired doorbell button, this transmitter sends a signal to the compatible LRA series receiver. The transmitter is capable of working with 1 or 2 doors (if used in your wired doorbell.)  During the setup, when this...