Wired Doorbells for Your Home

Sometimes referred to as a doorbell chime box, or wired door chime, wired doorbells are products that are wired from the push button (usually located outside) to either transformer or directly to the unit itself, depending on the model. Wired Doorbell is the unit where you hear the doorbell ringer sound come from. Usually these are hanging in the foyer or front entry way of your home.

In most cases, a doorbell transformer is required. The door bell transformer steps down the electricity current in your home to 10V-16V that your wired door chime can handle. There are wired doorbell chimes that run off batteries, but a lighted doorbell button will quickly drain the wired chime batteries. 1800doorbell carries are large variety of doorbells (wired doorbell chime box)

With many wired doorbell kits, simple wired door bells, and decorative wired doorbell choices to choose from, making a selection may seem daunting. We have product filters to help you narrow down your selections.  Just under the category menus on the left-hand side of the screen, you will notice a green colored block of filters where you can select the style you are looking for.

A Wired Doorbell Kit vs. a Wired Doorbell

A wired doorbell consists for the doorbell chime box, the unit that emits the wired doorbell sound. To complete the wired chime system you will need a push button, bell wire, and a wired door bell transformer. A doorbell kit consists of a wired doorbell chime box, a wired door chime push button, and a wired door bell transformer -- the kits do not come with doorbell wire. Doorbell kits are available with one doorbell wired, one wired chime push button, or with multiple door chime and doorbell push buttons.